Things that Navigate

The "Internet of Things" is a term that's been doing the rounds for quite some time now. And in ways more than one has permeated seamlessly into the urban routine. An urban household is absolutely teeming with devices that are connected : to the cloud, to their accounts, to eachother. There are probably more number of devices online today than people, and the number is rising by the minute.

Devices use the internet for cloud storage, remote access, remote location, real time monitoring and control, surveillance and overall increasing efficiency levels, making the world all the more accessible! Here is how IOT is impacting major segments of the economy!

Health Care
Health care industry uses smart devices for patient care, diagnostics, elderly care, equipment monitoring, hospital operation and hygiene. Even personal care devices such as fit bits and other wearables use cloud computing technologies for personal health management. Technology has gone as far as enabling remote diagnostics and monitoring with devices (pills, food sensors & other wearable devices) that keep track of the medicines and food intake of patients, with remote notification to doctors or heath experts.

The health care industry is one of the most tech - influenced industries, where the internet of things has redefined the efficiency of the professionals.

Home Care
From security to emergencies and solving simple utility issues, smart devices are most popular in making every home a house of technology! From pet feeders to emergency alarms to lighting that works automatically as your car pulls up at the garage, IOT has given our homes a new facelift. Most of the devices are yet to meet Indian homes but basics in lighting, security, baby and pet care have met with a huge response with the Indian customers.

Afterall which Indian mom wouldn't want to watch their toddler the whole day long? And we definitely can do with quite a lot of technology against burglary.

Traffic control, surveillance, waste management and emergency services require huge usage of smart devices for their operations and control. Automation has become the key and all service providers such as civic bodies, businesses and even the government is depending on digital technologies and connected devices to effectively operate and manage the smart cities.

We hope the ample scope provided by the Indian economy would be rightfully tapped soon with the number of government policies and plans of building smart cities.

Trade & Commerce
Tracking of shipments, knowing all details of the supply chain, keeping a tap on vendors and the whereabouts of all goods is now less a nightmare for all businesses. Distribution, marketing and monitoring operations has become much more convenient and hugely result oriented by use of digital technology services. Business decisions are more data driven and ambiguity is reduced for the better.

Internet of Things is here to stay and grow as more of our sci-fi ideas are brought to life. Its too early to comment of the overall impact these machines would have as they consume more of the internet services and provide even better utility but it's definitely the time to enjoy the smart solutions to their fullest.

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