Six things you never imagined possible with your Navigator.

While most of us know of navigation services and digital maps for finding our way to addresses, there are a number of hidden perks in getting the most technologically advanced digital map service on your smart phone. Here are a few ideas for you to make the most of digital maps:

1. Do not get late for your Date!
Who wants to keep their lovely ladies waiting? Nor would the handsome dude like to wait while you are stuck in traffic! But finding the exact location can be quite a challenge at times. With the accurate address searches and traffic predictions offered in this digital time, you have absolutely no excuses. Find local businesses navigate easily and share your locations conveniently, to make your big Dates absolutely flawless!

2. When you discover a flat tire in an unknown street!
While we mostly know the streets we travel across daily, getting wayside services in unknown places can be quite a task. Imagine getting a flat tyre and not knowing which way the nearest repairperson would be. ADDNUM covers all roadside vendors and last mile connects in terms of small local service listing with accurate directions and digital listings.

3. Was the house next door vacant the whole time that you went house hunting?
House hunting is the most dreaded task in most of our lives. Accurate, correct map based property listings would ensure you know all the vacant places around you and never miss out on the nearest available rentals in your street. All that in just one app - ADDNUM.

4. Calling up for directions is a complete no-no.
Its a digital age and asking for directions is a sure proof of incompetence. You definitely donot want that as your first impression. ADDNUM would increase your efficiency in that direction with the widest range of business listings and accurate address search and share. Make sure you reach your location on time for that next big interview!

5. When those shoes ditch you at an odd hour?
You never know when those pretty shoes give up on you, in the days of fast fashion. Stuck -you are left wondering where exactly did you spot the cobbler the other day? Unfortunately we never really notice the cobbler or recall one when you really need them! Ever turned to your navigator for solutions? You wont be disappointed if you have ADDNUM on your smartphone.

6. When your old parents feel lost in the city!
Wondering if your parents are somewhere on the way for you to pick them up from their evening stroll on the way home? Or are you finding it difficult to locate them as per their directions? Make sure they have ADDNUM on their phones for easy location sharing and to make sure you find them amidst this mad crowd, in the easiest manner imaginable!

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