Frequently Ask Questions

The ADDNUM app gives your location a digital identity that simplifies GPS location of any address by assigning it with a unique 6-digit alpha numeric value (your very own and unique ADDNUM). The app is uniquely designed to create digital invitation cards with a smart navigation system.

To create an Addnum address, follow these three simple steps

  • Fill up a short form with all the details of the location to auto generate/ assign a customized unique identifier to the specified location. This a onetime process for every address. This is like assigning a name/ identity number to your home/ business address.
  • Share your unique ADDNUM with your invitees on the digital invitation card you create. Once an ADDNUM is created for a place, it can be used unlimited number of times. It is a smarter alternative to repeating an address over and over again.
  • Search for nearby ADDNUM. The ADDNUM app also allows the users to search for ADDNUMs of businesses, friends and family.

Download ADDNUM to get started for free now!

With ADDNUM you can:

  • Explain : your address in 6 characters
  • Create : an unique alphanumeric ID for every location/ business/ event
  • Share : your venue even more smartly
  • Locate : nearby services, businesses, properties, friends and family.
  • Plan : your route with as many stops.

ADDNUM can be useful in the following situations:

  • Faster & more accurate address locator
  • Search for local businesses & services
  • Easily find smaller businesses like mechanics, cobblers etc.
  • Navigation facilities
  • Event Locator
  • Simpler route planning for Delivery Persons
  • Emergency services

No, there aren't any geographical restrictions for using Addnum. No matter where you are, Addnum helps you in creating Digital Invitation cards with an easy automated navigation system.

Currently, we do not offer any data download. Please get in touch with us if you have a business requirement.

There is no limit to generate addnum codes.

Yes, you can edit addnum and choose the combination of three alphabet and three numeric, subject to availability of that addnum combination.

No, they can use a browser on smartphone to navigate the addnum address.

Yes you can use addnum offline to create events, addnumcodes etc. But you need to go online to share on the internet, navigate and post.

We are always on the lookout for new partners across a range of services. Please contact us support@addnum.comfor more information. Addnum will help you and your business and we will put you in touch with the right person at our end.

No, you can contact addnum to delete your addnum database.

Yes, addnum uses GPS to generate addnum addresses which are conversions of latitude, longitude coordinates.

Show your creativeness to everyone and use your invitation card invite free of cost, giving all your invitees an awesome experience.

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