6 Problems that only a regular Hostto Awesome Parties would relate to

Everybody enjoys parties and hosting them. But at the end of each its the host who heaves the big sigh of relief. Along with the sense of accomplishment is a tired human with an extra share of running around, making calls, directing people and more often than not a messier home.

The invitation call, each one followed by forwarding the venue details, address &directions :
Every party plan begins with preparing the guest list, beginning with the invitationsand repeating the whole long location and address time and again. How you wish you could call your house by a name!

The absconding friends &the last minute tag along guests:
Unplanned visits and last minutes cancellations are a party planners nightmare. All your calculations can go haywire, when you are either left with food enough to fuel another party, or with hungry people complaining of a miser.

Explaining the address to the late comers, and missing out conversations in between
With a few guest already arrived as you settle down your phone rings for yet another late comer arriving in the neighbourhood. It can be quite a task to act as a navigator, more so if you are not familiar with the area, imagine a house warming and you really don't know which corner of your colony has a cobbler seated under a tree!

The food delivery
Hanging out of the balcony & looking around for the food delivery person is not an uncommon sight. It seems like he doesn't know his right or left correct. There after the food might get cold and our Host annoyed.

Melted icecreams
For this you have nothing but the heat to blame or in this Digital era, a delayed delivery from the local services app!

The safe journey back home
Worried how the late night traffic might treat your friends? (or vice-versa). The host is left waiting for a call of the safe home coming of every member. Wouldn't it be good to know their whereabouts without so much hustle?

Well other than your friends and the Ice-cream, ADDNUM has it all covered. ADDNUM redefines location services with:
• unique ID for every address
• Easy Sharing
• Simple Search
• Service Locator
• Property Listings
• High Navigation Accuracy

Every person who has hosted a party has been through the tiresome task of repeatedly telling into the phone their addresses, landmarks and directions for arriving. Missing out on everything else because there are no other simple solutions to navigation.

Wouldn't it be great if a number could solve all your woes? Imagine what if just 6 digits could explain the whole two lines of your address! Parties would be so much more fun if you didn't have to attend to so many calls.

Get ADDNUM today and give all your addresses an unique 6 character long Alphanumeric ID. Share your ADDNUM with anybody from guests to the delivery people and have them accurately find their way direct to your home. ADDNUM takes navigation to a whole new level of ease. And you can now also create attractive invites for all your events from within the simple app itself.