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Give your location aDigital Identity Online. Share your location, event venues and GPS details more efficiently & easily. Define your own ADDNUM Today!

Redefining location services with:

  • unique ID for every address
  • Easy Sharing
  • Simple Search
  • Service Locator
  • Property Listings
  • High Navigation Accuracy

The ADDNUM app simplifies GPS location of any address by assigning it with a unique 6-digit alpha numeric value (Your very own and unique ADDNUM). It also gives in added features of locating nearby ADDNUMs, services, businesses or individuals.

Using it is a simple three step process:

  • Create ADDNUM by giving in all the details ; This a one-time process for every address
  • Share your unique ADDNUM ; unlimited number of times
  • Search for nearby ADDNUM ; of businesses, friends and family

ADDNUM redefines location services and provides seamless and easy navigation. It is set to be the new definition for digital addresses.

With ADDNUM you can

  • Explain : your address in 6 characters
  • Create : an unique alphanumeric ID for every location/ business/ event
  • Share : your venue even more smartly
  • Locate : nearby services, businesses, properties, friends and family
  • Plan : your route with as many stops

Ever thought how easy it’d be if you could locate the cobbler on the pavement? Or a puncture mechanic just when your tyre is flat in that unknown street? Or how you could navigate with marked stops on the way? ADDNUM is here to bring alive your Digital map.

The app is a great value add both for businesses & individuals who have to share their locations multiple times. It is viewed more as a social media platform than a location service provider.

ADDNUM has utility for small businesses, street vendors, delivery services and a number of other individuals. It also provides greater accuracy of navigation. Its sophisticated location finders lets you locate ADDNUMs of businesses and individuals near you.

What you can do with ADDNUM?

Avoid repetition

The need to direct someone to our home/ business leaves us tired of repeating the entire address many times over email, telephone & messaging, more so when you have to give detailed directions. With ADDNUM a simple 6-digit alphanumeric value can be used to identify any location. A shared ADDNUM can then be used by anybody to navigate via GPS.

Smart Venue Sharing

Parties, gatherings and other events call for sharing of venue details with a larger group. It is often a task to direct so many people to one location, and to share the location across messaging apps. ADDNUM lets you create an event giving a unique 6 characters alphanumeric name/ ID to your event. This ID can be efficiently shared on all invites for accurate location search.

Accurate & Easy Navigation

When one has to visit a number of places and there is increased need of last mile accuracy of navigation this app provides an added feature. One can feed in as many numbers of ADDNUMs that one has to visit and relax while the app suggests the easiest route across them all. This is an excellent tool for pick-ups& deliveries

Locate Local services

Hyper-local services such as cobblers, mechanics and small businesses are difficult to locate on your average GPS system. It’s even more difficult to locate such services in unknown areas. ADDNUM helps here by providing search services across various business categories such as Restaurants, Health Services, Daily Needs and Hotels. Locating properties available on rent are also marked with last stretch accuracy.

This and much more! Stay Tuned to ADDNUM to make your addresses identifiable online & add life to your digital maps.

With a huge deal of user created data ADDNUM looks forward to getting places online!

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